List of Funds

The Valley Healthcare Education Foundation has established the following funds to collect and direct donations – all in an effort to improve healthcare in our community.

General Fund

The Operating Fund is an unrestricted fund balance set aside to support other financial expenses within VHEF.

Advanced Nursing Grant

This program supports institutions that employ registered nurses (RNs) enrolled in an advanced nursing education program to become nurse practitioners (NPs). The grant will aid in the cost of the advanced nursing education program, including tuition and books.

CHSU Scholarship Fund

The CHSU Scholarship Fund supports medical students at California Health Sciences University. You have the power to make a lasting difference when you choose to support those students who look to pursue a noble and critically needed profession so they can serve your health care needs and those of our community.

Your investment in our students is an investment in our community’s health. Donate today to support scholarships for your future health care providers.